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Camel and camelid antibodies, nanobodies by phage display

Suppliers for Lab Assays

Annexin A2

AP80745 SAB 1mg

Annexin A4

AP80760 SAB 1mg

Annexin A2

AP80800 SAB 1mg

Annexin A4

AP80952 SAB 1mg

Annexin A2

AP89346 SAB 1mg

Annexin A5

AP78464 SAB 1mg

Annexin A1

AP78480 SAB 1mg

Rat Cholesterol ELISA ELISA

E01A11128 BlueGene 96T 700 EUR

Goat Cholesterol ELISA ELISA

E01A46041 BlueGene 96T 700 EUR

Human Cholesterol ELISA ELISA

E01A2368 BlueGene 96T 700 EUR

Sheep Cholesterol ELISA ELISA

E01A98335 BlueGene 96T 700 EUR

Mouse Cholesterol ELISA ELISA

E01A19869 BlueGene 96T 700 EUR

Canine Cholesterol ELISA ELISA

E01A63475 BlueGene 96T 700 EUR

Rabbit Cholesterol ELISA ELISA

E01A28609 BlueGene 96T 700 EUR

Monkey Cholesterol ELISA ELISA

E01A72187 BlueGene 96T 700 EUR

Our used recombinants in Pubmed.

Polyclonal PPARG polyclonal antibody

AMR09486G Leading Biology 0.05mg 633.6 EUR

Polyclonal PIWIL2 polyclonal antibody

APR17846G Leading Biology 0.1ml 580.8 EUR

Polyclonal FKBP51 polyclonal antibody

APR15992G Leading Biology 0.1ml 580.8 EUR

Polyclonal ACTL6B polyclonal antibody

AMM05547G Leading Biology 0.1ml 580.8 EUR

Polyclonal JARID2 polyclonal antibody

AMM06027G Leading Biology 0.05ml 580.8 EUR

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