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Camel and camelid antibodies, nanobodies by phage display

Description: Purified antibody validated for its specificity and sensitivity.

Type: Polyclonal primary antibodies

Catalog Number: 32189-05141

Species: Human

Format: IgG-FITC Conjugate

Size: 150 ug

Purity: affinity purified

Presentation: Lyophilized from PBS pH 7.4, 20 mg / ml of BSA, 0.02% sodium azide and 4% trehalose

Storage: 2-8C, do not freeze

Host: Rabbit

Immunogen: Mucin-16 purified from human ascites fluid

Antibody type: polyclonal

Clone: ​​None

Isotype: None

Conjugate Type: FITC Conjugate

Application: IF, ICC, IHC, FACS

Research area: Cancer

Entrez Gene: 94025

Omim: 606154

UniProt: Q8WXI7

Unigene: Hs. 432676.

Synonyms: Cancer Antigen 125, Ovarian Cancer Related Tumor Marker CA125, Ovarian Carcinoma Antigen CA125, MUC16, CA125

Note: The 75 ug trial size is available for $ 195. Please add a T to the end of the product catalog number and enter the comment box when placing your order. This product is manufactured under US Patent Number 9945847 by Assaypro LLC.

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