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Agarose LE is a highly purified agarose, suitable for a variety of molecular biology applications. It is refined using an advanced process that excludes the use of organic solvents, producing a cleaner end product with significantly reduced environmental impact. LE agarose can be used for the analysis of proteins and nucleic acids of various sizes (150 bp to 6 kbp).

Its low EEO (≤ 0.13-Mr) promotes higher electrophoretic mobility, producing improved resolution and shorter run times. This also allows macromolecules and larger particles (subcellular fragments, viruses, etc.) to migrate more freely through the gel matrix. The consistently low EEO also provides a reduction in web distortion (caused by backflow) that can result from the presence of excessive sulfate-rich negative ions.

LE agarose is widely used for nucleic acid electrophoresis (analytical and preparative), protein electrophoresis (including radial immunodiffusion), and various blotting protocols. It is easily soluble, nuclease-free, and easy to use. It is very clear (forms a clear, colorless solution at 1 g: 100 ml H2O) and exhibits exceptionally low absorption of chemical staining agents. The pore size can be adjusted by simple modifications in the concentration ratio.

Formulated for high gel strength and integrity, Agarose LE exhibits exceptional thermal stability and mechanical strength, ensuring easy and safe handling, regardless of whether a denaturing agent has been added.

  • Versatile, high purity
  • Green Choice, free of organic solvents
  • Improved resolution and clarity
  • Low WEE / increased electrophoretic mobility
  • Free of RNase, DNase, and protease

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